Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Have you seen her yesterday?

OMG charice pempengco just make Oprah and her audience Wow with her performance yesterday. I was watching the show and was like want to hold my breath. It was me who get scared for her and I felt so relief when she manage to finished the song perfectly. Wow, I was really speechless. She is really good. My goodness, seeing her perform makes me wish to have a kid like her. If you have not seen her performance in Oprah friends, you should go to you tube and watch it. She is so good!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dont have much time..

Whew! I am sorry friends if I don't have much time to update my blog. It is just life is really busy recently, but don't worry, I will try my best to put some updates here and let you know what happen to me..Hope you all wont get tired of peeking here and give my website a click...Have a good day to all of you !

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Summer time!

I plan to make a garden. But I just could not decide what plant to put in there. I was looking to Wal-Mart yesterday but they don’t have much that I like. I though bought some plants to put inside the house. I really believed that the house is healthy to live in if you have living plants inside. It feels like I can able to breathe fresh oxygen from the plants. I still could not decide what to plant outside. Well I will maybe go to the other Wal-Mart that was located near to us and see if they have more plants to choose in there. Hopefully this time, I am able to buy the plants that I want.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boring Day!

I don't know what to do; I am really so bored today. Well I also could not go to the mall and do some window shopping. It was raining so hard in here and the news said that we might have a severe thunder storm in the afternoon. I usually don't go out when I know that it will rain so hard later. It is just really so hard to drive when it was raining. Accident will always happen when the road is wet. So I try to avoid being on the road when it’s raining. So here I am stocked here in the house and can’t think of anything to do.hay life, I really missed home!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am into collecting things right now and one of the things that I collected is the brand name purse. I don't know but I am really into purse right now. I already have two hand bag from Dooney and Burke, 2 bag from Coach and 2 guess bag and 1 nine west brand. I plan to buy a Gucci bag but I think it will take time for me to own one since the handbag from Gucci are too pricey for me. I think I need to save more money for it. Well maybe this coming Christmas, I will have enough money to buy a Gucci bag for me...Or who knows Santa Claus will give me one...

Monday, April 28, 2008

He is scared of the fish..

My husband is so funny. I tell you, he is such a big person and the moment you will look at him you will surely think that he is really a tough person. A strong person who is not scared of everything. I think of him like that until I decided to cook some fish. Every time I cook fish I make sure that my husband is not in the house. I know he don't like the smell of it but he don't really mind me eating it. Anyway, he came home early and saw my fish lying on the sink with its eyes wide open. I never saw my husband that scared...boy; he was scared looking at the eyes of the fish. He went to our room and never came out again. He told me to not bring any fish to our house with an eyes wide open...he is really funny. I was laughing so hard thinking that my husband was scared of fish...crazy person...I love the fish eyes, where in fact that is one of my favorite parts of the fish.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Funny thing!

It was really funny; yesterday I decided to cook some dried fish outside. The three neighbors that were surrounded by our house own a dog. I think it was only us who don't have a dog. They usually put their dogs in their back yard. Now, every time I cook a fish in our back yard, the dogs of my three neighbors will really bark in chorus. It was just funny how they react with the smell of the food that I was cooking...I also noticed that our neighbor came out from their house maybe to checked what happen why his dog was barking. And when he is about to go out, he maybe smell my food and immediately close the door. I could see that he was covering his nose...hopefully he wont complain about the smell...I don't really know why white people found the smell of the dried fish so awful. For me, the smell of the fried dried fish will surely enhance my appetite!